18 year old guy dating a 15 year old

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18 year old guy dating a 15 year old

No, its more a case of what her parents will think, given the how important a role parents play in ones life.The reason that I ask of course, is that its only natural for parents to want to protect their children.For some reason, the majority of the users on the said other site were rather hostile towards me.In my honest opinion I wouldn't be happy for my 15 year old daughter to be going out with a 19 year old! Plus I think a 19yr old would have different interests to a 15yr old.Hi, I wouldn't be happy if my 14 year old daughter dated someone who was significantly older. However, I did have a serious relationship when I was 16....he was 21 Now, I know it's pot kettle blah blah but I think thats just how it goes, I suppose I don't like the thought of her being taught all the things I was........Mind you, you sound a great person who is obviously both intelligent and grounded. Wait till she's 16 Again, I think it is more to do with sex and alcohol. He was out every weekend etc, my family and his family were okay about it as I was mature for my age altho I am now 20 and still look about 12. Just be safe I can completely understand where you are all coming from - If I were in your position, I would be most likely be thinking the exact same things!

I am sure her parents would have the worries that have already been mentioned, i.e. If you have a relationship with someone so much younger than you, you will need to appreciate the things that you can do that she can't. You seem very mature and considerate given that you have come on here to ask these .Once they've got to know you, and you've gained their trust, they may be happier about you asking her out.Good luck mmmm I would echo what has been said already, I dated an older guy at school I was 15 he was 18, my parents didnt approve and tried to stop me so it all became more exciting now to be fair he turned out to be a bad lad, not good intentions at all and I would have massive reservations about my daughter being in this situation. have you thought of going round hers as a friend first, meeting her parents in a friend capacity prior to asking her out on a date - they will get to know you, and if you come accross like you did on here then you should be fine, obviously there is an element of being dishonest about this really as you are going round with every intention of eventually asking her out but to be fair you are only mates at the moment arent you anyway?Hello, This is a fairly simple question, however I see myself getting various different reactions; I figured that a forum full of parents was going to be the most productive place to ask this question, seeing as its a parents oppinion that I am looking for, and in this case, my own parents oppinion isn't going to suffice, as it will undoubtedly be biased. A few months back, I met a girl at my former college (I have now left, having finished sixth form.), aged 15.Needless to say, we got along straight away, as if we'd known each other for years. It has now reached the point where I plan on asking the said girl out. Not so much in terms of what my friends or fellow colleagues may think (Infact, to be quite honest, given the level of navity and immaturity displayed by some of them, I really couldn't care less.).

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anyway, big congrats on being mature and thoughtful enough that you have asked for input, that to me speaks volumes about the sort of person you are.