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Apple iphone apps not updating

Now in “Settings” go to “Cellular Data” and turn it on.

You will be able to install it from the Apps list after that. anyone can comment to my issue: on my ipad mini IOS using the latest version. the app store has 12 pending updates, when you click on it, it does nothing. apps that needs to be updated, is greyout and can't be opened.

The ''cloud'' then turns into a circle and then only all THE APPS started to download. You will be able to install it from the Apps list after that. How about a jailbroken i Phone that has an app stuck from a 3rd party store it installs the app but this installation stuck instance of the app still shows its waiting to install, So basically there are 2 app icons one is installed and the other is waiting to install.

(Don't use the App Store app on your device that shows stuck installing.) Search for, and download the app to i Tunes.

Then go to App Store and reinstall the latest version of the same App.

Here are the steps: Press on the icon of the apps until the X in the top-left corner shakes. Storage problems are very common with 16GB i Phone users.

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It is rather a strange problem but can be overcome with simple tips and tricks. Since Apps and their updates can be downloaded over Wi-Fi and Cellular Data, both, it is important for you to check one of the two is active on your i Phone.