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By the time Colosimo makes his first appearance in court, he should have a date for closing his store, Canuso said. Bryan Miller, from the interfaith, anti-gun-violence group Heeding God's Call, said data had shown for decades that Colosimo's, at 10th and Spring Garden Streets, had sold a "disproportionate number" of guns used in crimes.

"Every bad guy in Philly knew where to go to get a gun," he said.

Carroll, of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia, hold a press conference in front of Colosimo's gun center on Monday. Wirtz / Staff Photographer) Philadelphia gun-store owner James Colosimo plans to close his decades-old shop, which has been targeted recently with antiviolence protests and federal inquiries into its business practices. Attorney's Office accused the store of selling 10 guns to people employees "knew or had reason to believe" were illegal straw buyers.

Colosimo waived his right to a grand-jury hearing, and the charge was filed in a criminal information, which often means a defendant plans to plead guilty. Colosimo just wants to get things resolved so he can move on with his life, so to speak," Canuso said.

Despite whatever’s happening for each of us externally, we come together over all issues regarding Lucia and we always will,’ she said, adding: ‘He’s a great father.’'I made this decision for several reasons, not the least of which is my desire to be more present on the home front, especially with the teenage years fast approaching!

He is of Italian descent and currently resides in the United States of America.

"While he didn't necessarily enjoy having them outside his shop .

The 50-year-old’s case was adjourned a month ago and on Thursday defence counsel Tara Hartnett asked for it to be adjourned again, saying Colosimo wanted to appear in person.

Colosimo acknowledged at the time that a significant number of guns sold in his store were used in crimes, but he attributed that to the high volume of his business.

Despite the criminal charge, Canuso said, Colosimo's never knowingly sold to a straw purchaser - a person who buys a gun for someone barred from owning a firearm, usually because of a criminal conviction.

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Then in 2013, he starred in The Great Gatsby alongside Leonardo Di Caprio as a coffee shop owner.

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