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You can become the "go-to" guy for that market, and no one can take your name from you that way either.What I just told you is that either way- if you are a generalist, or if you are a specialist, your wealth online has to do with tying your business to YOUR SYSTEMS.Sometimes it's hard, but keep LEARNING and you'll come out WAY far ahead.I was a typical "Starving Artist", who was waiting for a "big break" while I did every odd-job imaginable.

I just buy the house, and let the management company run it, while I collect the check.You have so many new ideas in there I didn't think of too, that just brought it over the top. I just launched an internet marketing campaign yesterday, got 2 clicks, and 1 customer. "- Philip Castle, MN I’ve done a bunch of commercials, and I continue to, but I am always looking for other opportunities.While many of my friends are waiting tables, bartending, or working 9-to-5, I prefer to start businesses and make money online.I used to think it was "us against them" and big corporations were evil and all of that, but instead it's just a matter of people of courage- people like YOU- deciding to try to DO something.Eventually, what you do will work as long as you KEEP learning and going forward.

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As I say all the time- "I can only bring a horse to water"- This webpage is the water, YOU have to decide to drink.