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Last updated: February 14th, 2017 Chelsea’s Big Black Cock Adventures. Check out the next dark cavern video trailer and watch as this slut talks shit about her husband while getting shagged in many positions! Today the lucky fellow is a friend of her husband – a black, well hunk guy.

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“So that’ll be a ‘No’ then,” he thought with a sigh as he replaced the receiver. I have often boasted that Jake and I have the perfect marriage.

He is my Prince and I am his Madonna (you’ll have to check out my other posts to know why he calls me that).

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Fit and trim, with firm, large breasts, a shapely firm ass, and a narrow waist, Ellen attracted male attention where ever she went. Well you know, the door bell has rung again and John, well man, he is running down those stairs, past all the necking couples, easing through the beautiful people in the hall, and opening that door. John has wondered sometimes, wondered whether that woman...

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