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Browse images Archival collection guide 43 journals maintained by Mc Millan during her time in Hiroshima and her retirement, documenting in great detail her daily life and work as well as her travels throughout East Asia.She also noted her thoughts and concerns about world events and her peace activism.The first entry begins in Meean Meer (or Mian Mir), a former large British cantonment in Pakistan.Officers and families traveled to locations including Islamabad, Kashmir, Aliabad, and Pindi Gheb.She described the locales, social life and customs of the Lebanese, a Druze wedding, and fighting between the Druzes and Christians.

Browse images Archival collection guide The diary, begun on April 6, 1878, and ending on Nov.

In "Westward Wanderings,1906-1907 " (2 v.), she described her travels in the West Indies, Canada, and the United States (New York City, Boston, and Washington D. Volume I includes a description of the 1907 earthquake in Jamaica. Stewart wrote of her impressions of Black West Indians and her interactions with them.

"Eastern Impressions,1907-1908 " (2 v.) documents her journey through Sri Lanka, India, Burma, and North Africa.

The diaries in this digital collection were written by British and American women who documented their travels to places around the globe, including India, the West Indies, countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as around the United States. The bulk of the collection consists of 90 journals that contain detailed accounts of Mary Mc Cornack Thompson's work as a Presbyterian missionary and teacher with the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions in South Africa.

There are over 100 diaries of varying length, selected from the following archival collections at the David M. During her 43 years as a missionary Thompson worked briefly at the mission station at Esidumbi in South Africa, but she spent most of her time at the Mount Silinda mission in the Melsetter region of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).

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Browse images Archival collection guide Chiefly a journal of 141 pages (1859 Apr.

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