Dating for two and a half years

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They are both in a good place now." Lopez, 44, and Smart, 27, were first linked as a couple back in November 2011, just four months after the judge split from her third ex-husband, Marc Anthony, with whom she shares twins Max and Emme, 6.

Since then, Smart has been a fixture at the star's side, accompanying her to tapings and red carpets all over the world, and on family vacations with her kids.

Speaking about their relationship in an interview with in January 2013, Lopez gushed that her much younger beau was her best friend.

Listen to this: "Her first car was a chariot." "She called her first husband Hun, 'cause he was one!There were rumors about a second transgender model, too.A source close to the couple told Us Weekly, however, that the story was "100 percent not true." "The scandal had nothing to do with it," the first insider tells Us.Are we gonna hear the pitter-patter of teeny-weeny, crazy-ass feet? [Alan turns around to see Evelyn at the door] Listen, uh, I'm in the neighborhood, and I know how Charlie hates it when I just drop in unannounced so I-- I thought I'd call first. He never gets discouraged, he goes after what he wants, and he doesn't know the meaning of the word "quit".[Charlie gives him a stern look] [to Jake] No, he's not gonna marry Rose. And if the day should come when any man, no matter how humble, can't go out there and soil the loins of some hot little dancer, well then, I don't want to live in that America!

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"It has actually been an amicable process that started a few months ago," the J. "It wasn't an easy decision, but they decided to stay friends…Their relationship couldn't work with the distance.