Dating why bother

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Also mentioned, in the context of lung disease, was my “personal history of asthma”; I was allergic to pets as a child and to some extent still am, triggering asthmatic episodes.Vaguely alarmed, I put in a call to the company and took the results to my GP, who snorted derisively, pointing out that my “good” cholesterol was a tiny fraction – 0.01mmol – lower than the recommended 1.2mmol for women; and my “bad”, just 0.03 higher than the recommended 3mmol.

or Miley, though, every misjudged teen look is immortalised in high definition, and can be dusted off and reprinted throughout her career. But wouldn’t you rather be the person who really experimented - and loved what they wore - than another cookie cutter type in jeans and a tee? In my wardrobe, I’ve got a lovely navy blazer that will never look out of date.The ECG and scans, I was relieved to read, had revealed nothing untoward, although my “good” (HDL) cholesterol was classified as low, while my “bad” (LDL) cholesterol was high (doctors these days are interested in the ratio between the two, rather than just total cholesterol).It was when I turned to the “risk analysis” page, based on the lifestyle questionnaire, that I felt baffled.The company vowed it would put my mind at rest – or, should a problem be detected, something could be done before it was too late.So it was that one rainy Monday morning I found myself in a draughty church hall, with a few screens thrown up for privacy – a set-up that brought to mind the NHS rather than a swanky private service.

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But not t’s a mentality that I’m sticking to despite hindsight; there was my short-lived fixation with bright green (trainers shouldn’t be that colour, and certainly shouldn’t be worn with a matching coat), my favourite checkerboard trousers (I looked like a chef), the Miss Sixty denim mini-kilt I bought to feel grown-up - all underlined by unfortunate at-home hair dyeing.