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"There's obviously some sports she knows a little bit more about than me.It bothers me a little bit, but I'll take it," he joked. Stoll, 30, and Andrews met through mutual friend Michael Strahan and have been together for a while.The two spent a romantic dinner by the beach before Valentine's Day. The Los Angeles Kings player, who was formerly engaged to Rod Stewart's ex-wife Rachel Hunter, doesn't even mind that his girlfriend might trump him in the trivia department.It's pretty easy: have a thick skin and study, study, study.I study harder now than I ever did in college or high school.There's just so much pressure to know what's going on, and I feel like, especially with social media, there's always new information coming out on the teams, the players, the coaches, and the games.You can never be fully read enough, and I'm just constantly reading articles, watching games, and trying to read blogs.

There are so many ways, and so many different experiences.It's confusing and maddening, and we're all still struggling to figure it out.This Woman's Work is an ongoing series meant to highlight how women in different industries are living their lives.I had to leave my mom and dad, go live on my own and work in a studio and work in Major League Baseball, and I didn't know anything about any of it. It was a really hard thing, and I'd go and visit my parents all the time—I'd start bawling to them and tell them it was the worst mistake of my life. Friday morning, I'll wake up early, I'll go shoot a sit-down interview with one of the players, and then I'll go to practice and will sit in three to four hour meetings with the team. Our men dress very well, and look fantastic in a suit, and not once is that ever talked about.But it was [ultimately] the best thing for me because I received a ton of criticism. On Saturday, we meet a lot as a group and we'll also talk to the other team that we're covering that Sunday, and we'll go out to dinner as a crew. I can be called out on the Internet or in newspapers for asking a question, but if a male asked [the same question], it would never be a topic. Whether I'm on the road or off the road it's really important for me mentally and physically.

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Lean in, lean out, ask for a raise, but don't ask in the wrong way, be aggressive, but not too aggressive.

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