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Posted by / 05-Oct-2017 00:10

The business started in a small space on Chestnut Street before moving to the corner of Cordata Parkway and West Bakerview Road in 1992.

Woodsmiths moved to the current Cornwall Avenue address in 1997.

If the retailer is handling the liquidation sale, the deals will likely be better.

But if the chain has contracted out the sale to one of the handful of for-profit liquidators, steer clear, Gao says.

Because the company is going out of business, many of its consumer warranties won’t be available.

Make sure ahead of time that you know if a warranty is available.

Complaints ran rampant after recent liquidation sales at national retailers Circuit City and Linens ‘n Things, with items actually priced higher at the sales than in the weeks before the liquidation.

The trend for many stores was to go with the less expensive material, but Monte believed there was a market for furniture he said lasts much longer.

“When you buy something as is, it can become rough to deal with a manufacturer, especially since it is always much easier to simply return an item to the retail store,” says Southwick.

“If you buy a TV, for example, at a liquidation sale, and you get it home and you find out it doesn’t work, the manufacturer’s warranty will likely cover it.

Having a familiar face was something customers appreciated, Monte Smith said.

Store hours will remain the same during the sale –10 a.m.

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