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We appoint Ambassadors from the Angel community to help ensure that Angels from across the country, as well as internationally, attend and participate in the event.Ambassadors of the Summit support innovation through member connections and are recognized as prominent leaders in the investor community.A bachelor's degree qualifies you for entry-level research assistant positions.Bachelor's degree programs provide an introduction to what is currently known about prehistoric human society around the world and teaches you field research methods.Join over 500 investors, partners and industry leaders from around the world at the flagship event for the Global Angel investor community.The NACO Summit is your once-a-year opportunity to get ahead of the emerging trends that will shape Angel investment next year.

Using the resulting information, they can create a picture of the social, political and economic facets of long-ago civilizations.The Entrepreneurial Program is designed to invite Angels and a company they back to participate in the World Angel Investment Summit in order to showcase their unique business propositions to the international Angel community and industry supporters.Each company submission is made by an Angel and vetted by a selection committee resulting in the winner being crowned NACO's Most Promising Startup of the Year.NACO's Canadian Angel of the Year Award is presented to an experienced Angel investor who has made a significant contribution to the development of the Canadian Angel ecosystem during the year prior to the Summit.The award seeks to identify the Angel investor who has most contributed to the growth and development of Angel investing in Canada through a combination of investment, mentorship, and leadership within their local ecosystem.

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Course topics may examine hunter-gatherer societies, urbanism, and the emergence of civilization in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.