Jeffrey sebelia dating

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Jeffrey sebelia dating

You could have bought his “jet set” outfit at any number of cut-price discount stores -- and perhaps the neckline would have actually fit!

It never fails to throw me when the judges keep such a clearly unqualified person, someone so utterly lacking in any kind of unifying creative vision.

I’d bet money that’s the “Project Runway” final three.

Uli Herzner and Michael Knight should make it to the final three based on talent alone.

Now that the stakes are really high, I’ve no doubt Vincent’s lack of talent will be even more obvious and he will be out next week. I want to stand and sit ramrod straight, with posture so perfect that it could slice atoms and puncture upholstery.

I want to have the ability to stand with my hands on my hips and my head tilted back as if I were on the prow of a ship and, against all reason, make it look commanding and dignified instead of ridiculous. “I want to be able to measure my words carefully and diplomatically while broadcasting every single thing I'm thinking on my face. I want to use ‘celadon’ when others would say ‘light green’; ‘pomegranate’ when others would say ‘purple’; ‘caucus’ when others would say ‘have a little talk’; and ‘chacun à son goût’ when others would say ‘What the hell were the judges thinking?

I’m no fan of Angela Keslar’s designs (her outfit this week was one hot mess), but she’s a human being, and a seemingly reasonable one at that.

Say what you want about Jeffrey (and I say plenty below), but the man knows how to design.

Laura Bennett: It’s clear that she’s getting by largely because Nina Garcia loves Laura’s design aesthetic, which is, I guess, elegant, but I also find it safe and repetitive.

So here's our very subjective but still definitive worst-to-best ranking, which may only be challenged by a glare from Nina Garcia, an eye roll from Michael Kors, a "make it work" from Tim Gunn, or an "out" from Heidi Klum.13.

Season 11 (aka 'Teams')Maybe it seemed like a good, or at least dramatic, idea at the time, but "Teams" was a problematic concept for a full season.

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Another season of Project Runway begins tonights on Bravo and my money is riding on pal & Echo Park neighbor Rami Kashou.

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