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With the premiere episode of HBO’s High Maintenance, “Meth(od),” you get the sense that three years have gone by, and these two have simply stagnated into each other.

If “Olivia” presented an exaggerated trope of a familiar New York relationship, then “Meth(od)” went one step further, deconstructing it and showing us its rotting core.

He braids their hair, snaps their photos, and provides cultural cachet to the women who screech “Yaasss kween! He does their hair and makes snappy jokes — (“I need more bobby pins ‘cuz y’all cleaned me out”) — and runs out to get more vodka for their vodka tampons.

He’s there to aid and assist the women around him, “like a dance, monkey, dance type of thing that you find yourself becoming victim to,” Yorke described during an interview with me.

High Maintenance’s Max and Lainey are a familiar pair of misanthropes: a gay male and straight female duo where each encourages the other’s rottenness in a game of one-upmanship.

Who can be the most incisive, the most vicious, the most wickedly selfish?

The episode begins at a bachelorette party, with Max as the token gay male among a gaggle of blondes. In pop culture, gay men have often figured as accessories to straight women (or straight men), and in High Maintenance, Max willingly plays that role.

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(Let’s not even talk about how Sex and the City decided to pair off Stanford and Anthony.) Will & Grace refused to give the same weight to the principal characters’ outside relationships: Grace went on dates, had other love interests (Gregory Hines! In fact, the first kiss between gay men on the show was a meta-joke: Jack was protesting how a TV show cut a gay kiss, so Will kisses him on The Today Show.

“Meth(od)” also acts as a cautionary tale — a parable for young, insecure gay men who don’t know how to fit in the world.

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The people there are a breath of fresh air, and as Max finds himself spending more time with them, he begins to realize just how draining his relationship with Lainey has been.