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It was further complicated by her having a six-month-old daughter, Hannah, by another man long consigned to history.I dithered for ages as I too didn't feel that I loved her.A lover can be a friend as well as a lover, but an ex-lover is hard to turn into a friend until lots of time has passed.Now sex may destroy the platonic friendship, but it might lead to something deeper and more permanent.Max may find he's in for a complete surprise when he gets into bed with his friend.Unfortunately, you can never tell until you've tried.Love doesn't necessarily come like a flash of lightning, but can grow from friendship (perhaps it is better for that).We are about to celebrate our second Christmas together and we look on Hannah as our daughter. ROB VAN DER EYKEN Truro, Cornwall Life isn't a dress rehearsal!

However, our relationship had changed - for the better. " question had been answered, we relaxed and realised it could work.

Secondly - be careful that she hasn't just realised she wants a baby before it's too late, and sees you as just the man to father it, with or without your agreement.

INGE CUBITT Brentford, Middlesex Love may follow friendly sex I feel you are looking for a committed relationship with someone you love. What a marvellous state to be in, and wouldn't it be fantastic if this ecstatic state went on forever. One of the pitfalls for many romantic lovers is that they see their lover through rose-coloured spectacles.

Now, when can we move in together, have babies and get married?

" - in much the same way as many Don Juans leap out of bed in the morning, laughing their heads off, saying: "Heh, heh, heh, fooled you, don't really love you after all, see you around." Of course having sex with this woman will change the relationship. Take an ounce of flour (Max), an ounce of butter (his woman friend), mix together and add boiling milk (sex) and you get a white sauce (a completely new relationship).

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How will he be able to take the occasional woman out if he's sleeping with his female friend who will suddenly have changed - literally overnight - into his girlfriend?