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One day, Megan goes to meet Josh in person behind a diner, and she is never seen again.Police investigate into her disappearance, but soon begin to give up after finding little to no leads and begin to assume she simply ran away.He then shows her a barrel and tells her to get in it so she won't know where he lives when they leave.

The two main goals of this conversation are, first to find out where to go next and it is “the great cave” and second to receive your weapons for your journey.Josh is holding the camera and unlocks a large door in what appears to be a basement.This is where he has been hiding Amy, in her underwear and is chained to the wall.To change that we will select the node and change the “false” action, under the conditions to pass through and we will condition to display this node only once.As a result when you go through there, since it’s been displayed once already, with this condition it will be blocked and everything after it, but we also added “pass through” it will just pretend that the node is not even there. Going into the conversation, going through that dialogue node once and choosing one of the options offered by the game, go through that conversation and you will have the option to leave.

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He makes her eat food in a dog bowl before he violently rapes her.

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