Problems updating garmin oregon gps

Posted by / 22-Dec-2017 02:01

Problems updating garmin oregon gps

Kjell I just updated a Garmin Nuvi 50 and it took 26 minutes to download plus a few minutes to install.I think the "bottleneck" is your internet connection.I suggest you, if time elapsing seems to be exaggerate, to stop and restart the download (last Garmin European map update was 3 hour download! I have a 265W and am getting a transfer speed of 480 KB/second on a file that is already on my computer.) Sometimes (depending on internet connection speed, time of day) the process could be very long. I am in 9th hour of downloading and upgrading my Garmin GPS. I have been on hold for that minute for almost an hour!!!! Wonder if anyone has had success with a different cable or if some of these older 2010-2012 units are just plain slow with any usb transfer.Note, however, that the 1340 LMT may have a larger file to download, so it may take longer.

The update to my 3597 clone completed in about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Even my ancient GPS was quicker (till it was dropped on the floor and broke...) What speed is your Internet connection?

Some of the map updates are very large and will be slow on a slower connection, plus there may be others downloading at the same time.

Thanks to Here (or whoever) as well at the state or county for updating the roadway info.

[Later still] Tested the new map with a couple routes in and around town.

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Either Garmin has made some improvements of our internet provider has. Or, Garmin has a newer version for Map Updater that just isn't available yet.