Real housewife dating a list actor

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Real housewife dating a list actor

“I wanted to experience what it would be like to be the first to do something,” she says. Women have been breaking stereotypes for ages and it’s beautiful to see that on screen.” Bunbury spent two and a half months learning how to pitch, in addition to three to four days per week working on long tossing and three days a week with a boxing trainer.

“I’ve watched a few episodes of ‘The Bachelor,’ but I’m mostly an ESPN-and- cartoons kind of guy,” he admits.

“I’ll watch ‘Real Housewives’ of anywhere, any time, by any means. Though she’s starring in a streaming show, Angelson calls herself a “purist” who prefers watching movies on a big screen and TV shows on “any old device.” With a laugh, she admits, “I am waiting optimistically for Amazon to send me a Fire Stick.” Introducing Archie: The New Zealand native landed the titular role in Greg Berlanti’s subversive take on Archie Comics after a four-month-long, worldwide talent search.

“Riverdale” was Apa’s first audition when he arrived in America for pilot season.

“Kiefer’s going to be working very closely on the series, and I’m looking forward to this collaboration,” Hawkins says.

“He’s a huge inspiration for me, so it’s going to be an epic ride.” Along with “24: Legacy,” Hawkins is set to star in the upcoming “King Kong” pic, alongside Brie Larson.

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