Sex chat msg of boy nd gal 40 year old woman dating 18 year old

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Sex chat msg of boy nd gal

I posted as a male 95 percent of the time, under the same handle as I use here. There was a room that was "intended for women", where all the lesbians hung out, and on average more than half of the people in that room were men (poorly) pretending to be women.I used to go in there and assume a female identity and poke fun at all the poor dumbsticks. There was a certain ironic thrill in having a woman commiserating with me about all the idiot men pretending to be women. I never tried to seriously deceive anyone or swap emails or anything like that.IMHO, if a poster happen to have testicles and a penis but want to check in as Barbie, or Jane Austin, or Xenathe Warrior Princess, that's fine with me. His profile said he was a dancer and a secretary and IIRC something about big breasts, so of course he probably got a lot of IMs. I guess looking at it from a guy's POV, a girl pretending to be a guy to have sex chat with another girl, would actually be a good thing! A Girl asked Is it done simply for fun and trickery, or is it indicative of some deeper sociopathological misfunction? If it helps you (in ways tanstaafl mentioned) then it can be quite functional.I've never out-and-out impersonated a woman online, but when I first joined the SDMB, I worked hard at not revealing my sex.

I'm not trying to be annoying, I really was curious if there's something to be worried about when someone does this stuff. A girl This is something that has also perplexed me.I think it goes over the line if he's breaking someone's heart who doesn't realize the relationship can never come to anything, and it's truly evil if he's jerking some poor schmoe's chain on purpose.Guys have a nasty word for that, when girls do it to them in person, and it's the same thing on-line: don't be a tease just because you think it can't catch up with you. Some people take all this message board stuff completely, totally seriously (I'm not naming any names...I wanted to become known around, and then see if people could tell.Eventually, though, I just couldn't stand not answering certain questions that would give it away, so the (male) cat got out of the bag.

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Because I think that if your friend's friend was pretending to be a woman in a sex chat room, then he was probably doing it just "for kicks", like he said, to see what would happen.