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She brought the baby girl on her third date with him, and they became a trio that now lives together.'I never want to get engaged or married, but I love sharing a life so much that it's embarrassing,' Shelasky wrote in her essay.

From sleep issues to tantrums to potty training, you have to tackle every arduous aspect of parenting on your own.'Famous Guy was the first of many lovely men to ask me out despite the fact that I was about to be, and then became, fully pregnant,' she added. And I was just so excited by life, which is a fun feeling to be around,' she told the Daily Shelasky wasn't very surprised when potential suitors kept asking her out during her pregnancy. Dating while pregnant turned out to be a fun experience for the future mom. I knew at the end of the day that dating was not important right now. Eating was so pleasurable.'Thus, while dating wasn't her priority, Shelasky enjoyed several dates, including one with a single father who discussed parenting freely and got her even more excited about becoming a mother.'I met with the most beautiful and affirming Single Moms by Choice; I read every book and blog on the donor decision.It felt thrilling and joyful and profoundly right.'The mother found that her pregnancy didn't impede on her dating life, and even after learning that she was about to go through with the insemination, a man whom she identified only as Famous Guy (and the recipient of People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive title) flirted with her during a party.

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'It felt extremely light-hearted,' she added.'Like, "Sure, I'll go to that amazing Italian restaurant with you and eat carbonara and have some laughs! While she didn't become intimate with any of her dating partners, the writer felt 'desired and admired' during their outings.

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