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The borough has been gentrified beyond recognition and few can claim their hands are clean. Kingsland Road, the high street of pseudo-cool, is now teaming with concept restaurants, organic food shops and vintage clothing stores.

But if you were to go into any of them, approach the nearest person wearing a French-blue chore jacket and ask them what they thought about the displacement of the local working class, they'd say it was a crying shame.

I thought about friends and colleagues and realised they all like the things I like.

On Saturdays they go to extraneously named cafés for overpriced poached eggs.

The milk itself is taken from the middle of the jug — where the bubbles are finer and the liquid therefore smoother.

Halfway between the two, as I passed the turning for Duke's Brew & Que, a barbecue restaurant and craft-beer pub, I thought to myself, "Am I a total cliché?Choosing to live in Hackney is a sticking point, I admit I was a late adopter.I moved there when I first came to London four years ago because it was where my girlfriend lived, but it was clear that anyone young or interesting had done the same. It was either east or south, because north, west and central didn't look kindly on my salary, or lack thereof.I couldn't go south because that's where all the dickheads from school live.They still drink beer through funnels and fist pump to "Don't Stop Believin'".

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