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The NYC-born babe taunted almost every one of her competitors with the phrase "HBIC", before finishing in second place.

Despite failing to win, Flavor invited Tiffany back for the second season to help him eliminate the contestants, before she eventually became one herself (again).

By the look of Johnson’s Instagram account, he appears to be single, but he has confirmed to People that he is dating model Zoe Baron.

Dorothy Wang is a little hesitant to mingle with the others at first and she admits to being very judgmental, though she ends up meshing with a few of the cast members.

Pollard is a self-proclaimed HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge) and though she is no longer trying to be reality star “New York,” she is still maintaining her signature personality.

The outspoken American star claims her worst habit is being as "nosey as hell" so her fellow contestants better watch out over the coming weeks.

His temper and drinking got the better of him last season when he struck up a romance with season 1 fellow cast member Brandi Glanville.

She is very open about her attraction to others on the show and reveals that she is bisexual.

Like his fiancee, Otunga himself is a notable reality TV runner-up, having been passed over for lifetime studding services by a professional skank on VH1's alumna (a/k/a Tiffany Pollard) moved on to a potentially huge commercial break last night only to melt down over a faulty prop.

But as our mothers always reminded us: If it stings, that means it's healing, and her director's violent jump to her defense spurs a violent Japanese-language brawl suggesting New York may yet have a place at the table in Hollywood.

When she becomes determined to make out with cast member Mcintosh, she does just that.

One major issue she has when it comes to dating is when a guy tries to tell her what to do or boss her around.

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She also says that she will break up with a guy before he has the chance to end things with her since she feels like all men leave.

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