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I had been seeing Aaron on and off for years before he met his current girlfriend.'The woman said her and Smith continued to see each other but Smith did not make it clear that he had a girlfriend, the woman claims.Messages show the player initiating their bathroom meeting, suggesting a 'special toilets f***', and saying the pair had to be 'sneaky' as other All Blacks were around.All Blacks star Aaron Smith had been having a sordid affair with a lawyer for two years before they were caught having sex in the disabled toilet of an airport before a rugby test match.Daily Mail Australia can reveal the rugby player begged her for sex in parks before being rejected, for 'good luck' sex before games, and demanded sexy photos in the months before the pair were sprung at Christchurch Airport as Smith was due to fly out for a test match in South Africa.A woman at a Miami Dolphins game was filmed urinating in the men's bathroom when the line for the women's became too long.A bizarre video clip shows the blonde woman using a standing urinal to relieve herself while surrounded by cheering men during Sunday's game.

A school spokeswoman said no one had been arrested and that the the matter would be dealt with internally.A number of Instagram pages uploaded the video, including user Billy Corben, who has nearly 15,000 followers.Corben captioned the clip: 'NSFW: Miami woman pees in men's room urinal at Sunday's Dolphins-Jets game at Hard Rock Stadium because Miami (and New York)'As the woman, wearing a pink top with her shorts at her knees and no apparent shoes, relieved herself, she balanced a glass of beer with one hand.Messages between Smith and the woman also show that he met her the night before his 50th test for the All Blacks in Dunedin last year, organising a covert rendezvous away from the team hotel so he wouldn't be snapped.After they meet, Smith says he 'owes' the woman while she says she hopes he doesn't get in trouble with 'skip' - All Blacks captain Kieran Read - for leaving the team hotel at night.

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Definitely not.'As far as the players are concerned you'd have to ask them individually...