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Updating guidelines

This means that individual editors (including you) enforce and apply policies and guidelines.

In cases where it is clear that a user is acting against policy (or against a guideline in a way that conflicts with policy), especially if they are doing so intentionally and persistently, that user may be temporarily or indefinitely blocked from editing by an administrator.

In the case of gross violations of community norms, they are likely to resort to more forceful means fairly rapidly.

Going against the principles set out on these pages, particularly policy pages, is unlikely to prove acceptable, although it may be possible to convince fellow editors that an exception ought to be made.

Wikipedia policies and guidelines are developed by the community to describe best practices, clarify principles, resolve conflicts, and otherwise further our goal of creating a free, reliable encyclopedia.

For summaries of key guidelines, see also List of guidelines.Enforcement on Wikipedia is similar to other social interactions.If an editor violates the community standards described in policies and guidelines, other editors can persuade the person to adhere to acceptable norms of conduct, over time resorting to more forceful means, such as administrator and steward actions.These standards require verifiability, neutrality, respect for living people, and more.The policies, guidelines, and process pages themselves are not part of the encyclopedia proper.

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